A Purple Flower Fox, Level 35, INTJ,
Genderfluid, Non-Binary, She/They/He,
Single, AMAB, Heteroflexible, Fem Interest,
Femboi, Submissive, Middle/Little, DL, Brat,
Designer, Cosplayer, Maker, Linux User,
Head of Reg at Anthro New England

Massachusetts, USA


Hi all, my name is LavenderFox, Lav for short. In my free time you'll usually find me crafting, repairing, or modifying various things. This can range from digital design, illustrations, programming, DIY electronics, motorbike & auto maintenance, photography, building furniture, and other similar nerdy endeavors. I love watching cartoons, Japanese anime, 3D animations, Sci-Fi, horror, documentaries, art streams, and lets-plays. Sometimes I'll have them playing in the background as I work. I enjoy listening to electronic, ambient, and video game & anime OSTs the most. A lot of that influence came from when I was big into Konami's Bemani music game scene. Lately I've been on a Japanese electronic kick, with artists like Snail's House, Dark Cat, Yunomi, and Tomggg. I have an affinity for collecting comics, furry memorabilia, radioactive antiques, fountain pens & stationary, artwork, plushies, figures, and EDC survival stuff.

I'm happiest when surrounded by friends at events and enjoying the party. This means you'll usually find me at the monthly furbowls and local furcons like ANE. I try to make it to MFF and AC every year as well. The anime and gaming conventions are bonus trips.

I try to be very open about myself and to others where possible. You can see this in my twitter feed. Also I'm really good at dad jokes.